Cry Me a Torch Song – the Video Version: May 2018

17 May

The May 2018 issue of Cry Me A Torch Song – The Video Version. Piers Ford reviews albums from Gretchen Peters (Dancing With the Beast: “An unrivalled capacity for blending intimate introspection with broader social and political influences”); Darling West (While I Was Asleep: “A pristine, country-flavoured set of songs which defies easy categorisation”); You Are Wolf (Keld: “An atmospheric, refreshing album which gradually gives up its treasure with repeated listening”); Miriam Cooke (Freefalling: “Moments of real intensity among some uplifting pop melodies and subtle world music beats”); and Karen Lane (Passarim: “Creates a mood that swings from languid romance to brooding saudade”).

One Response to “Cry Me a Torch Song – the Video Version: May 2018”

  1. Virginie Lacour-Puiboube May 30, 2018 at 10:16 pm #

    Hello Piers, I came across your blog and concept totally by chance…So as no one will introduce me, I would like to do that myself… Would you qualify my music as Torch Singer music? Please do let me know (website below features some of my music), I would love to send you my debut album CD too… cheers! thank you, Vxxx

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